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by Creature Double Feature



For Lou and all the dead heroes of rock and roll


released November 10, 2013

Creature Double Feature:

Davis Johnson: Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, Mouth Sounds and Whistles, Vocals, Organic Noise Manipulation
Mason Johnson: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar on Sunday Morning and Mt. Skullcap


Taylor Clark: Drum Messiah, Aux Percussion
Savannah Lumen: Backup Vocals on First Contact, Lucy And The Treepeople, and Break Through!
Alfred Rordame: Sitar on First Contact, Sax on Break Through!
Andrew Sato: Krumar Synth on First Contact

Recorded at Fur Tape Studios by Davis Johnson
Produced by Davis Johnson

All songs written by Davis and Mason, lyrics on I Wanna Be Your Dog written by Iggy Pop and the Stooges



all rights reserved


Creature Double Feature Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Skullcap (Opening Credits)
I wanna smell the flowers
I wanna free the gators
At the zoo
I wanna wear a skullcap
I wanna roll my eyes back
And speak soothe

With you, just with you

I wanna speak to Jesus,
So he will teach us
These words of truth:
"Are you some kind of cannibal?
How can you eat an animal
That thinks like you?"

Like you, they're just like you
Track Name: I'll Wait For You (Fur Tape VHS)
I'm waiting for the girl
To eviscerate my world
And cut me into pieces
I'm waiting for her kiss
To disintegrate my lips
And send me to the darkness

I'll wait for you.

I'm waiting for her touch
To feel her fingers clutch my heart,
And rip it from my ribcage
I'm waiting for her breath
On the inside of my neck
Softly sink your teeth in

I'll wait for you.
Track Name: Visitation
As I slept that night
An ancient creature of the dark
Softly crept on my floor
And walked right through my door
Track Name: Lucy And The Treepeople
In the field on Saturday,
The moon was bright and low,
A girl was standing next to me
When we saw the UFO
It kissed the sky and shed its light
Onto the ground below
Our mouths began to radiate
A soft and unspoken glow

The glow escaped,
We were erased,
We all will die alone
Time will tell,
Only time will show,
The dusty pathway home
Track Name: The Zulu Is In My Bones (In Heaven)
I don't understand at all why heroes die alone
I don't feel anything at all, because evil will prevail

Evil will prevail

I don't wanna feel the cold fangs of love unknown
I don't wanna lose the blue Zulu in my bones

The Zulu is in my bones
Track Name: Break Through!
It came in a dream,
The Infinite Being,
In a milky way vision
I looked at his face
In the vacuum of space
To the land of provision

He came as I lay
In a bed made of grass,
Blue manifestation
He raised up my head
With a smile and he said,
"Recall the sensation..."
Track Name: Hallelujah
Look at around at the broken faces
Ready to be saved
Look around at the broken people
Ready to end the pain
Look around, they stole your brother,
Made him into a slave
Look around they stole your sister,
Killed her by the bay


Well Jesus told me to love the earth,
But his words have been consumed by decay
We burn all the forests down,
While we dig his holy grave
We paved a road right through
Mother Nature's most sacred womb
Where the wolves sing a cold and broken
Howl up to the moon